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Know your staff
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Know your staff
at all times
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Managing and Providing Safety for Child Care Centres

 Scan Smart ID Personnel is a proximity based personnel location system. How does it work? The system uses small wireless transmitters that include iBeacon™ and Bluetooth Smart technology. They can be placed on walls or used with beacon tag cards’ replacing RFID and other technologies. Beacons offer many advantages over other technologies, particularly a better Return on Investment ( ROI ) over RFDI technologies. Using our location engine not only can employees be tracked when entering or leaving a facility but can be tracked on the premises allowing better management and security and safety. The system provides a print out of which personnel were where during their shift saving hours of work in collating staff movements by providing timely reports.

Know your staff ratios: Using beacons around the child care centre allows centre management to  ensure that there is enough staff  where they need to be. While overall staff ratios are mandated for educators to children it is also true that at all times enough educators must be available in each room depending on the activity.

No need to use pencil and paper to keep track of staff. The Scan Smart ID system will automatically log educators  as they move from room to room and as the system provides a real time view of the floor plan of the building – see below – you know where the staff are at all times..

The Scan Smart ID Personnel System.

The Scan Smart ID system comprises  a gateway system ,
card tags and an Administration  Panel.
Optionally available is a management ap

Employee tag with panic button

The employee tag is battery driven and lasts for over three years. It comes with a panic button or call button which shows on the admin panel. The button can be programmed to give a different response depending  on how many times it is pressed.

Using a geo-fence to let staff know they are outside the perimeters of the Child Care Centre

What is a geofence? A geofence is a predefined area around your Child Care Centre that you can set on a Google map from the systems administrator back panel. Scan Smart ID comes with an optional feature which uses gps to determine whether the staff member has entered or exited the centre setup by the administrator. A geofence around your Centre notifies a user when they go out of a defined area by flashing the led on the card. A geofence uses GPS where as a proximity device uses low power blue tooth and has a range of a few meters. Using geofence enables you to send messages to the staff member once they enter the defined area

Access to the Admin panel

Once you sign up and the system is installed you will be given access to your Administration backend to manage your organisation. As part of the installation your staff receive up to 2 hours training on how to use the system.  You can purchase more training after you have used up your support hours. Contact us for more details the  training we provide.

know where your staff are and what your ratios at any time

Analytics – Site Views.

Site views gives  give you a snap shot of where staff are at any time and can be printed to a report or exported as an Excel Spreadsheet.

The Scan Smart ID Personnel System.

The Scan Smart ID system comprises  a gateway system , card tags and an Administration  Panel. Optionally available is a management app. The system runs on Microsoft Cloud Servers in Australia and the data is  fully encrypted