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Industry Solutions using Beacons

What are beacons? The functionality of beacon tags is relatively simple. Beacons are small Bluetooth devices that broadcast a near-constant radio signal to smart devices in the area. This signal indicates the Bluetooth user’s proximity to that beacon and, subsequently, a specific location. Additional beacons can be installed to accurately identify an individual’s position down to meter level. The technology can be easily integrated with other systems and everyday devices due to existing widespread adaptation of the Bluetooth standard. More importantly, beacons offer a diverse array of opportunities for healthcare professionals including better physical and digital security, decreased wait times, and higher equipment utilization rates.

A beacon system with the beacon in the field receiving and sending data to a system manager

Beacon System

Below are some beacon types.

Indoor beacons

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 Draw passing consumers into your store with hyper-localised offers, enable one-tap mobile payments and provide customized browsing opportunities via a mobile app. Smart beacons combine the fun of being in-store with the personalization of online shopping! 

Outdoor beacons

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When you want to use your beacons in outdoor, exposed situations, you need something tougher than the usual beacon. Something that can stand up to bumps and knocks, rain and sun, and that’s tough to remove while as reliable as our regular Smart Beacon. 

Beacon Fleet controllers

Fleet Beacon

Cloud Beacon acts as the “manager” for your Bluetooth Beacons, and maintains an active internet connect via WiFi. You now have complete control and access to your entire beacon fleet, using only your Web Panel account.

Industries that benefit from applying proximity location technology

Use proximity location technology with accompanying apps to provide a range of services from safety, internal and external location guidance, asset management, safe areas to go / no go zones are just some of the things proximity monitoring can provide. Some of the industries which use beacons and proximity technology are below

Construction Solutions

Aged Care

Make sure you know where your residents are at all times and whether they have had a fall. Track your assets and allow you staff to sign on and off

Construction Solutions


Use proximity systems to manage staff and contractors on your site. Set up geofence areas for safety go / no go areas.

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Government Departments

Location guidance , safety go and no go areas, staff, visitor  and employee monitoring.

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Visitor guidance , asset tracking, safety areas for go and no go  and patient tracking to name a few.

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Life Science

Transforming business processes for BioTech companies through context & location aware mobile apps, integrated with allied technologies.

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Mining Systems

In a mine setting, safety systems can be set up around predefined zones. The user can be notified when they move in or out of a predefined area.

Outdoor Navigation

Indoor and Outdoor Navigation

Provide mapping and navigation using beacons for industrial users

Powerful Features

Pin point accuracy  and less capital expense using beacons than .other RTL systems

Multiple Uses

Use with staff, visitor and sub-contractor  registration to name a few uses.


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