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Ostendo Job Costing and Estimating

Ostendo provides the following functions for Job Costing and Estimating

Simple to Complex Job Estimating
Real Time Work In Progress at all Levels with Job Budgets up to 36 Months
Job Order Touch Screens and Remote Tablet Users
After Job Costing and Actual Job Profit Reporting
Use Planned Costs based on Progress Claim Percentage to Project Job Profitability
Budgeted, Actual and Projected Costs
Progress Claims and Retentions Tracking
Consolidated Invoicing by Project
Use Standard, Average, Actual, Last, Buy Price or Calculated Costing Methods

What do Ostendo manufacturing customers, engineering clients and fabrication job shops like about using Ostendo Operational Software? We asked a number of Ostendo users recently for some feedback about Ostendo Software. Here are some of the things they told us.

“Ostendo is easy to use. New staff have picked it up very fast. Ostendo has made quoting easier and the time to produce quotations has reduced up to 30% on big jobs with lots of lines of the same item from different lists that make up the job. The big thing is the reduction in human error when working with these items, perhaps replacing them with an alternative and not having to manually add up the quantities. We now have improved reporting. We have huge potential to use Ostendo in terms of Bills of Material (BOM) and then extend the manufacturing setups.”

Lindsay Hamer. Taylor Built Ltd. Industry: Manufacturing and Project Installations – Greenhouses

Here’s what an Ostendo user wants to share with you...
“I visited the Small Business Expo and someone at the MYOB stand recommended Ostendo. My initial questions included: Will it be complicated to use? Will it do what we want it to do? Will the quotes look like we want them to? I like a lot of things about Ostendo. The Job Costing is great. We can quote jobs, do the work and then back cost to produce reports on the job profits. The purchasing and inventory tracking really simplified what I was previously doing and I can now control stock levels. Being able to modify reports is great. Having one package to do the job, quoting, purchasing, stock control, invoicing and then being able to produce management reports on all of it is very valuable. All the information is in one place and is accessible to all. We can now schedule regular customer preventive maintenance type work saving us a lot of time and creating repeat service revenue. Ostendo lets us keep track of all our purchasing costs so we can now accurately quote on jobs, all from one package. The inventory control across multiple locations is great. Being able to purchase in foreign currency is great. Ostendo has many features at a great price.” 

Jonathan Skipwith. Icom Security. Industry: Sales, Installs and Service – Security Systems

Job Costing Features 
Ostendo Features Multiple Warehouses and Locations
Multiple Units of Measure, Serial Numbers, 50 character item codes and 100 character product descriptions
Batch and Warranty Tracking Grade, Colour, Size, Revision, Expiry Date Barcodes,
Barcode Labels and Inventory Labels, Stock Takes and Location Transfers
Allows for Negative Stock 
Sales and Purchase Order Matrices with 2 or 3 Dimensions per Style eg Apparel Pricing Levels,
Quantity Breaks and Discounts,
Alternate Item with Cross Reference Supplier Code and Manufacturer’s Code
Inventory Forecasting and Replenishment, Purchase Budgets
Purchase directly for Jobs, Assemblies,
Sales Orders or Stock , Complementary Add-On Sales
Use unlimited Supplier Catalogues and Price Lists
Web Based Supplier Management Console
Equipment Hire and Rentals
Landed Costing for Imports
Multi Currency and Multi Tax Rates 
66,0000 character stock item notes field ,  Image and document attachments

Using Ostendo in Construction

Labour, Timesheets and Job Tracking

Timesheets, Job Sheets and Job Lists Job Order Touch Screens, Mobile Timesheets and Remote Tablet Users Email Services including Spreadsheets for Remote Data Collection Graphical Web Dashboards for Employees and Web Based Online Inquiry Screens Planned, Actual and Projected Labour Time remaining by Task, Job or Project Varying Employee Direct Costs can be linked to One Labour Code Varying Customer Labour Charge Out Rates Graphical Resource Job Scheduling Calendar and Graphical Plant Views Constraint/Bottleneck Resource Scheduling for Assemblies and Jobs Business Work Time Profile Labour Capacity Views Data Collection (Custom Data Screens)


Multiple Warehouses and Locations
Multiple Units of Measure
Serial Number, Batch and Warranty Tracking
Grade, Colour, Size, Expiry Date and Barcodes
Stock Takes and Location Transfers
Allows for Negative Stock
Complementary Add-On Sales
Pricing Levels,
Quantity Breaks and Discounts
Inventory Forecasting and Replenishment
Purchase directly for Jobs, Assemblies, Sales Orders or Stock
Use unlimited Supplier Catalogues
3 Purchase Methods: Order to Receipt to Invoice, or Order to Invoice, or Invoice only

Inventory includes stock controlled items (raw materials and finished goods) such as source on demand products, custom made products and assemblies. Non stock items that are not stock controlled are called descriptors and supplier catalogues. Stock can be recorded against multiple warehouses and multiple locations. Stock takes can be organised by these or by product or category. The stock item code field is 50 characters long with a 100 character further description field. Extensive notes, images, documents, history and warranties can be linked to each item along with revision level, multiple stocking units of measure, serial number, batch or lot number, grade, colour, size, expiry date, barcode and unlimited user definable properties. Comprehensive pricing levels, quantity breaks, discounts, full cost tracking and cost change logging are incorporated in Ostendo. Complementary add-on sales can be defined against the inventory item for prompting at sales order entry. You can create warranties automatically when items are sold and create regular customer asset servicing for after sales servicing of products. A projected inventory availability enquiry screen and inventory forecasting are included along with automated inventory replenishment MRP functionality (re-order quantity, re-order level, order multiple, lead time) based on supply, demand, forecast and inventory re-order policy. A mass global replacement facility is included for substituting items and alternative items option from the preferred supplier or list of approved suppliers with part number cross-reference and pricing information. You can purchase directly for stock, jobs, assembly orders or cost centres using inventory, descriptors or supplier catalogues. You can track drop-shipments directly to your customer’s address or outworker’s address and there is an optional purchase order approval control process. The 3 purchasing processing methods are (i) Purchase Order – Receipt – Supplier Invoice (ii) Purchase Order – Supplier Invoice (iii) Supplier Invoice.

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