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Target potential customers both during and after hours with your message using proximity marketing

What is proximity marketing and how can it help me in my dealership? Proximity marketing uses small items called beacons, originally developed by Apple. They transmit low power signals and its signals can be picked up by both Apple and Android phones. When used in conjunction with the Scan Smart ID  phone app the system can determine where a user is in the yard and how they are interacting when looking at a vehicle via a web panel. Beacons can be placed anywhere in the dealership but placed inside a particular vehicle will radiate a signal only within 3 -4 metres of the vehicle so the messaging that is sent to a users phone is quite localised. Proximity marketing offers a range of benefits in general for the dealership. Look at these below:

Track prospective buyers: Using beacons around the dealers premises allows the sales team to track a new prospect when they enter the dealership. Sales staff can be despatched to help the customer. Beacons can aid in the collection of data regarding a prospective customer’s behaviour and gives an insight into a prospect that comes into the dealership and looks around then leaves without buying as against a prospective customer’s behaviour who eventually buys.

Targeted messaging: This is where beacons that have been placed in a particular vehicle come into their own. As the prospect looks at the vehicle a special price could show on their phone or a financing option, or a suggestion to ring a member of the sales staff. If a beacon is placed in another vehicle say 10 meters away, there will be no interaction between the two beacons and a different offer can be made for that vehicle.

Dealer offer
After Hours Car Yard

After Hours Car Yards Sales

After hours. How about a sales rep after hours? Many people walk around a yard at night looking at vehicles, wouldn’t you want to interact with those people? Well you can by targeting them with specific offers for the vehicle they appear most interested in. Give them the opportunity to leave their details to have a sales rep contact them. How much easier can it be?

Geo Fence

Using a geo-fence

What is a geofence? A geofence is a predefined area around your yard that you can set on a Google map from the systems administrator back panel. It uses gps to determine whether the user has entered or exited the area setup by the administrator. A geofence around your lot notifies a user when they come within a defined area. A geofence uses GPS where as a proximity device uses low power blue tooth and has a range of a few meters. Using geofence enables you to send messages to the user once they enter the defined area then beacons to target them.


Get to know
your customers
before you talk to them

Back End

Manage your own campaign

Once you sign up and receive your kit you will be given access to your own backend to manage your campaigns. As part of the kit your staff receive up to 4 hours training on how to use the system for a 6 month campaign and up to 8 hours on a 12 month campaign. You can purchase more training after you have used up your support hours. Contact us for more details of the message criteria.

Back End

Analytics – The important stuff.

What’s the point of knowing that you have prospects in your yard if you don’t know what their interests are? The Scan Smart proximity system comes with an analytical back end. It allows you to gauge the interest in a particular offer. The system shows the ‘dwell’ time or the amount of time someone is in the vicinity of the vehicle. • Campaign performance Gain a deeper understanding of campaign performance by tracking rules triggered. • Visitor analytics Gather and visualize data about offline customer behavior such as new vs. returning visitors, user dwell time and more. • User activity tracking: Gain insights into visitor behaviour. See how they respond to your campaigns and tune notifications for better conversion.

Promotion Flags

The Scan Smart AD proximity marketing kit.

This kit is aimed at targeting up to three vehicles in a yard with special offers. Extra beacons can be supplied if required at extra cost if you wish to do more. Our proximity marketing kit comprises: • 3 X beacons attached to your account. • 3 x Feather banners for placing next to the vehicle with your wording and logo • Administration back end for managing you campaigns and customer app • Up to 8 hours support on using the system. This is for a 12 month campaign. This is provided remotely. • Setup of the system

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