Ostendo Freeway
Ostendo Freeway - Mobility App

Ostendo Freeway Overview

Ostendo Freeway is a mobile app designed to run on Android/IOS/Windows tablets and phones.  The Freeway App is tightly integrated with the Ostendo ERP system and provides Ostendo users with innovative mobility solutions across a broad range of functional areas. Freeway will also work with authorised standalone solutions which are independently developed for specific industry verticals (example: Electricians COC and ESC, and eSafety for Health and Safety).

Designed for:

Electricians & Plumbing Trades
Asset & Equipment Servicing
Rural Contractors
Property Management Aviation Services
Health & Safety Compliance
Quality Assurance & Controls.

Agricultural Services
Wholesale Distributors
Manufacturing & Engineering
Automotive & Machinery Dealers
Professional Services
Auditing & Inspection Services 
City Councils.

Utilities Oil & Gas
Construction & Building Services
Transportation & Fleet Management
Insurance Agents & Assessors 
Earthmoving & Landscaping 

Merchandising & Retailers
Waste & Refuge Services
Mining Equipment Repairs
Equipment Hire
Food & Beverage 

Ostendo Freeway for Customers - B2B

Ostendo & Freeway allows you to provide a B2B portal to your Customers enabling them to conduct business directly with you via the Freeway app. Examples of this include:
• Creating Sales Orders and specifying notes and materials to be ordered.
• Creating Job Orders and specifying notes relating to required work
• Running Real-Time Custom Inquiries eg:
o Account information eg: Current, 1 Mth etc.. and Total Balance
o Outstanding Invoices and details
o Product purchases
o Stock inquiries etc..

B2B maybe specified for any customer. Each Customer has a unique membership number (This becomes their user name in Freeway) and a unique password for them.Like any Freeway user, they have the ability to Reset or Change their password themselves directly from within Freeway, or alternatively, request Ostendo back-office staff to issue them with a new password. At any point you can stop specific B2B Customer access by updating the relevant customer mobility information status.

Download Freeway B2B Brochure

Ostendo Freeway for Sub-contractors

This extends functionality allowing Sub Contractors to utilise Freeway to record information against jobs sent to them from Ostendo. It also provides an instant update of job information and allows further supplier transactions to be auto-generated if required, Eg: Buyer Created Invoices. By using this functionality, Ostendo sites will receive up to date information back from their Sub Contractors, which will mean sites do not have to wait for their Sub Contractors invoices to update their jobs.

 Ostendo & Freeway now allow for the following: 

       Deploy Jobs to Sub Contractors as you would your own employees

       Allows the Sub Contractor to record time in the same manner as internal employees

       Provides the ability to record Claims against a Datasheet eg: Parking Charges etc.

       Provides the ability to record Quantity statistics against a Job Datasheet. These recorded quantities can optionally update statistics against any of the following:

o    Company Asset

o    Customer or Supplier

o    Site

o    Item

       Provides the ability to control what types of Supplier transactions are auto-generated in Ostendo when the Datasheet is completed. Eg:

o    Purchase Receipt for an Order

o    Purchase Receipt No Order

o     Purchase Invoice Only

o    None

Freeway Sub-contractors Brochure

Freeway Core Features

Freeway has a set of features, options and tools that makes Ostendo Freeway a versatile tool whether you have Jobs or Sales Orders in the field. The powerful customization options & features give you flexibility to create the application you want for your business. Some of the functionality is below.

Easy to Use

Listing of Jobs

Build Your Own functions

Do Stock Takes

Select a Check List

Shed Estimator

Track Current Jobs

Track Employee Job Hours

Generate Purchase Orders

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The Ostendo Assignment Board

The Assignment Board, in its simplest form, is designed to replace the traditional planning board, while providing a dynamic graphical view, real-time data feedback and smart automatic loading that can only be achieved through a software solution.  assets. Service reminder letters can be generated and sent by email or printed.

The Assignment Profile defines what resources, orders, date horizon, time scale and display attributes when running the assignment board. There can be an unlimited number of profiles defined that are used to focus on different areas of the business (i.e. Manufacturing, Service or Distribution) or down to specific departments and/or resources. A Profile Name can be associated with the user, therefore defaulting to that profile when running the board.

Stock Take Made Easy

On Sale