Proximity Solutions - Industry
Proximity Solutions - Industry
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We’re making smart systems based on proximity devices
and low energy networks for a range of industries
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Industry Solutions

Proximity Solutions

We have a range of smart solutions
for industry.

Staff location tracking, man down, visitor and subcontractor monitoring are just a few of the functions of our integrated apps.


Staff, visitor and subcontractor entry to sites. Geo-fence dangerous areas. Setup no go areas to warn of dangers on site.


Indoor guidence and security, access to no go areas, acces to equipment and cabinets, asset tracking.


Indoor / Outdoor guidence and security, access to no go areas, asset tracking, patient tracking.


Indoor guidence and security, access to no go areas are just some of the things our systems are used for.

Aged Care

Indoor / outdoor guidence and security, patient location and monitoring access to no go areas and asset tracking.

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Retail Solutions

The use of beacons in car yards provides an excellent avenue to reach out to prospects after hours with stratigically place beacons in specials.

Car Yards
Real Estate

Enhace the shoppers experience with points gained for attending participating retailers

Shopping malls

Retail Solutions

We have a range of smart solutions
for retail

The use of beacons in concerts areas allows for entry and exit, security location of services via concert apps and reward systems.


We develop customized mobile
apps combined with proximity devices to
enhance the attendees experience.

Engage with your propective buyers. Allow the buyers to view the property inside after hours by Scan Smart AD signage.

We develop customized mobile
apps combined with proximity devices to
enhance the attendees experience.

Ostendo Operationa Software
Ostendo Operational Software for:
* Sales and Distribution
* Service and Maintenance
* Job Costing and Estimating
* Manufacturing
* includes mobility with all modules

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Ostendo Operational Software

Ostendo Operational Software is business software that assists your staff to focus on the range of operations activities that generate the revenue and profits that keep you in business and gives your accounting software system something to account for. Ostendo Operations plus your Accounting Software System equals your complete ERP software solution at a price you can afford.  

Ostendo allows you to… 

* Focus on profitable work using actual job costing * Effortless serial, batch and warranty traceability in inventory, jobs and service * Quickly design, quote and make simple to complex configured products * Know what’s happening by tracking and scheduling jobs and people * Automatically generate repeat work and revenue through service reminders  * Have complete confidence in knowledge transfer for everyone to access  * Save time and integrate all your systems together with Ostendo.


Ostendo is operational software designed for a range of users including:


• Manufacturers – Process and Discrete • Job Shops – Fabrication • Sales, Service and Repairs • Equipment and Preventive Maintenance • Consulting and Contracting Services • Trades and Subcontractors • Construction and Projects • Distributors and Importers • Retailers

Job Costing - Estimating

• Simple to Complex Job Estimating • Real Time Work In Progress at all Levels • Job Budgets for 36 Months with Comparatives • Job Order Touch Screens • Remote Tablet Users • After Job Costing and Actual Job Profit Reporting • Use Planned Costs based on Progress Claim Percentage to Project Job Profitability • Budgeted, Actual and Projected Costs • Progress Claims and Retentions Tracking • Consolidated Invoicing by Project • Use Standard, Average, Actual, Last, Buy Price or Calculated Costing Methods.

Service and Maintenance

• Consolidate Invoices for Jobs, Sales • Deliveries and Recurring Invoices • Sales Kitsets, Configured Items • Alternate Items and Add-on Sales • Extensive Pricing Matrix • Original and Extended Warranty Tracking • Creates Customer Service Asset after Selling • Product or Service • Service Reminder Letters or Emails • Automatically Schedules Preventative Maintenance • and Creates Service Jobs • Complete Sales and Service History • 3 Sales Methods: Order to Delivery to Invoice, or Order to Invoice, or Invoice only

Sales and Distribution

• DRP Distribution Requirements Planning System • Sales Orders with complete Picking, Packing and Shipping Process • Consolidate Invoices for Jobs, Sales Deliveries and Recurring Invoices • Customer Statements by Company Site, Branch or Head Office • Sales Kitsets, Configured Items, Alternate Items and Add-on Sales • Unlimited Price Levels, Discount Matrix Rules, Special Pricing & Order Pricing Matrix • Speed Order Entry Screens defined by User • Sales Order and POS Touch Screens • Remote Tablet Users • Web Based Order Entry for Sales Representatives


• Ostendo Manufacturing offers businesses the opportunity of using simple or advanced manufacturing to either ‘Make-To-Stock’ standard products or ‘Make-To-Order’ custom manufactured products.• Manufactured items maybe optionally pre-defined in a standard Bill of Materials (BOM) or custom configured on the fly for ‘one off’ type custom manufacture either form within a Sales/Job Quote or Order.• Multiple forms of configuration available to custom products, including Feature & Options, Manually configured by the user or use of pre-developed scripts to semi automate the configuration, allowing the user a step by step.• Q & A process.•

Freeway Mobility

Ostendo Freeway is an intuitive mobility solution for data capture in the field • Native Android and iOS application • Standalone without the need for network coverage • Customisable list driven user interface rather than hardcoded or forms based • Screens designed to scale from smart phones to tablets • Customisable Industry templates Signature capture with compulsory option • Multiple mandatory or optional checklists with ‘if then’ logic • Integrated phone, SMS, emailing, camera, GPS, Voice recording and Speech to text from within Freeway (dependant on device) • Rules, restrictions and settings by user

Ostendo Operational Software Pricing List $AUD

• Ostendo Software is Multi User Ready and scales up to 100+ Concurrent Users.
• This RRP Price List is exclusive of GST, VAT and other taxes.
• Implementation Consultancy, Training and Support Services are additional to the software price list.
• A Software Annual License Renewal Fee of 20% of the List RRP is due annually, commencing 12 months after the initial Software Purchase. This fee includes all upgrades and updates to the software released during that year via internet download.
• The Ostendo Software Licence grants the Licensee the right to use the Ostendo Software for one Company. Each additional Company requires its own Ostendo Licensed Users to be purchased. Ostendo is Multi Company Ready.
• There is no additional fee for the Firebird SQL relational database which automatically installs when Ostendo is installed.
• An extra licence is required for Freeway Mobility but it allows use of up to 50 field devices.

I User

$ 1,250
  • Complete with all modules

3 User

$ 3,175
  • Complete with all modules

5 User

$ 5,000
  • Complete with all modules

per after 5

$ 1,000
  • Complete with all modules

indoor and outdoor navigation

Provide mapping and navigation using beacons for industrial users.
Powerful Features:
Pin point accuracy and less capital expense using beacons than other RTL systems.
Multiple Uses Use with staff, visitor and sub-contractor registration to name a few uses.