Sales and Distribution
Sales and Distribution

• DRP Distribution Requirements Planning System
• Sales Orders with complete Picking, Packing and Shipping Process
• Consolidate Invoices for Jobs, and Sales Deliveries
• Sales Kitsets, Configured Items, Alternate Items and Add-on Sales
• Sales Order Matrix with 2 or 3 Dimensions per Style eg Apparel
• Extensive Order Pricing Matrix and Discount Matrix
• Speed Order Entry Screens defined by User
• Sales Order Touch Screens and Remote Tablet Users

Ostendo Sales and Distribution

Ostendo provides the following functions for Sales and Distribution
Sales Orders Entry
 Purchasing 
 Inventory
 Inventory Management with bar coding, RFDI using the Freeway Mobility App
 Distribution using DRP and multiple warehouses
 Foreign Currency
 Remote Sales data entry with Tablets, Phones etc while on the road

Many importers, exporters, wholesalers, distributors with direct counter sales and retailers with point of sale (POS) and online web stores use Ostendo software successfully every day. Their needs include managing imported landed costs in foreign currencies, multiple pricing levels, discount buyer groups, complex stock control such as expiry dates, serial numbers, batch numbers, grade, colour, size, style, fit for the apparel industry, different units of measure, bar-coding, multi warehousing, branch delivery with head office billing a and numerous sales and inventory replenishment reporting requirements.

Here’s what an Ostendo user wants to share with you...

“What I like most about Ostendo software is that detailed information can be easily accessed. It’s also user friendly and not much training is required for new users. My initial concerns were around install time (down time during installation) and adding information (the time it would take to add all the data). Despite these concerns we went ahead because Ostendo looked like the best solution. Data adding is very simple and we have had no down time due to very experienced technical support. We’ve had some great benefits as a result of using Ostendo. These include: control of jobs production, the ability to analyse each job’s costs, simple inventory control, stock control by multiple sites and the ease of managing this stock by expiry date and batch number resulting in a 98% ‘DIFOT’ (Delivery In Full On Time) performance result. It’s easy to use and allows very in-depth reporting. It is also easy to customise reports. The flexible sales and profit reports meet our industry requirements where market trends change frequently. We are able to report sales by delivery customer while sending the invoice to a separate billing customer. We are also looking at integrating Ostendo with remote handheld devices to capture sales orders in the field. Ostendo software is a very good flexible system for small to medium businesses.”
Graham Hawes. Demon Drinks. Industry: Distribution and Manufacturing – Beverages

Ostendo Distribution Features

Ostendo Features Multiple Warehouses and Locations
Multiple Units of Measure, Serial Numbers, 50 character item codes and 100 character product descriptions
Batch and Warranty Tracking Grade, Colour, Size, Revision, Expiry Date Barcodes,
Barcode Labels and Inventory Labels, Stock Takes and Location Transfers
Allows for Negative Stock 
Sales and Purchase Order Matrices with 2 or 3 Dimensions per Style eg Apparel Pricing Levels,
Quantity Breaks and Discounts,
Alternate Item with Cross Reference Supplier Code and Manufacturer’s Code
Inventory Forecasting and Replenishment, Purchase Budgets
Purchase directly for Jobs, Assemblies,
Sales Orders or Stock , Complementary Add-On Sales
Use unlimited Supplier Catalogues and Price Lists
Web Based Supplier Management Console
Equipment Hire and Rentals
Landed Costing for Imports
Multi Currency and Multi Tax Rates 
66,0000 character stock item notes field ,  Image and document attachments

Sales and Invoicing

There are 3 methods of processing sales through to invoices
(i) Sales Orders – Deliveries – Invoice
(ii) Sales Orders – Invoices
(iii) Invoice.
You can consolidate customer invoices for jobs, sales orders, deliveries and recurring invoices (contracts). To assist you with the sales order process we have included an extensive pricing matrix with easy updates, sales kit sets, configuring items on the fly for custom products or services, current and projected stock availability, alternate item option, add-on sales option by item and all warranty information follows the item through the sales process. For product or service sales with a future ongoing service commitment, you can automatically create a customer service asset upon selling the product or service to a customer. These service assets can have warranty records and preventative maintenance service agreements setup against them that will automatically schedule and create the service jobs required. This provides a complete sales and service history for the customer and the customer’s service assets. Service reminder letters can be generated and sent by email or printed.