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Interact with people within shopping malls offering rewards, location guidance and loyalty points amongst a range of options.

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Retail Solutions using beacons

Recent technological developments have turned Bluetooth beacons into a competitive tool for indoor navigation solutions. BLE beacons present significant opportunities for companies to better visitor experience and provide all-new opportunities through wayfinding. Beacons have applications in a diverse array of industries including retail, museums, and transport.

Wayfinding messages are always delivered to visitors’ smart devices via a Bluetooth-enabled mobile app. There are several ways companies are creating and using apps in the space. Possibilities with indoor navigation are real-time navigation, up-to-date maps,direct shoppers and users , automate tours, retail industry, museums, zoos, transportation, and other service providers like gyms, hotels, universities, and tourism agencies.

What are Beacons and why use them?

Beacons are small wireless transmitters that include iBeacon™ , Eddystone and Bluetooth Smart technology and are fully Android and IOS compatible. Once setup, Beacons will continuously broadcast a signal (similar to a radio station) to create a mesh network connected to our platform and API. Add this functionality to your mobile app, and you can create sophisticated indoor positioning, proximity detection, and personal interaction systems – suitable for a variety of purposes. Beacons enable developers and organizations of any size, to create and deliver an astounding range of experiences – from creating new ways to interact with technology, enhancing brand experiences with contextual interaction, to boosting business process efficiencies with actionable data. Some of the things you need to keep in mind:

 Perfect Anywhere Customer Experience Counts
Captivating customers, meeting their increasing expectations and ensuring loyalty is easier than ever when you provide them with customized content in context. Smart Beacons level up your customer’s experience in any industry, vertical or venue. Our reliable hardware and flexible software options let you develop the perfect premium services solution for any use case you can dream up.

• Bridging the Online and Brick-and-Mortar Experience
Deliver personalized, location-based content directly to your users’ smartphones and forget about abandoned carts. Draw passing consumers into your store with hyper-localised offers, enable one-tap mobile payments and provide customized browsing opportunities via a mobile app. Smart beacons combine the fun of being in-store with the personalization of online shopping!

• Your Customers Journey Made Easier
Beacon solutions save time, stress and money by delivering next-level customer service and resolving issues before they occur. From airports and hotels to bus terminals and taxi stands, beacons can automate check-ins, manage ticket purchases, route navigation, track transportation options and timetables and provide customized, up-to-the-second information.

• Make Your Events Unforgettable
Astonish your event’s attendees from the moment they enter a venue by eliminating the queue with hands-free ticketing. Make sure your users don’t miss anything by powering your app with a detailed schedule and context-based notifications. With beacon-based technology, you can boost social media engagement and allow participants to search for nearby friends or even vote for their favourite performance. 

• Always Know Who, Where and When
A well-developed strategy utilizing beacons and a mobile app will provide rich contextual data about your service base. No matter which interests you more — your visitors or employees — using location-specific data to create, demographic and behavioural statistics will identify hot spots, measure time spent at designated locations and track company workflow.

•  Plan Your Campaign
An indoor navigation campaign does not work in a vacuum. It must be mindfully integrated into existing programs, apps, and even physical signage. This could require different kinds of skills than a business uses on a day-to-day basis.

Some things you can make your App do with Bluetooth Smart Beacons with iBeacon: Show customers available product options or provide additional information Send your menu / catalogue to customers as soon as they walk through the entrance Create and target offers based on how the contact interacts with your beacon system Allow customers to pay / identify themselves using their smartphone Provide rewards and incentives based on actionable customer behaviours. Create an interactive tour through your venue – such as an art exhibition or historical journey

•  Determine your ROI
Determine what information or scenarios would be most beneficial to the company and its customers. Customers need to be prepared to buy into a campaign, and managers need to be able to measure success.A well-planned and analysed POC ( Proof of Concept ) is one of the single biggest factors in constructing a successful proximity notification campaign. It must be able to demonstrate that a design will work when fully rolled out.

• The Art of Engaging Communication
Location-based notifications containing detailed information about objects nearby are successfully replacing printed item descriptions and guides at museums, art galleries and zoos. Smart Beacons, unlike traditional tools, provide instantaneous, interactive content in any format or language – it’s fully customizable. Thanks to proximity, your visitors will experience your venue in a totally new and engaging way! Beacons enable developers and organizations of any size, to create and deliver an astounding range of experiences – from creating new ways to interact with technology, enhancing brand experiences with contextual interaction, to boosting business process efficiencies with actionable data.